We arrived to our 3rd Country!

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  1. ken tang より:


  2. ken tang より:

    how you manage to travel 3 countries in such a short time? Do you need to fork out more money for PCR tests along the way through the borders or what?

  3. Anna Miller memory lanes tours well done より:

    4 yrs in Germany with my family. Happy Days

  4. Tan Jeffrey より:

    Just visited Berlin and Munich, pls tell me more places i can visit for my next trip to Germany. I am going to Spain soon in Feb.

  5. Tan Jeffrey より:

    Enjoy your trip, take care and stay safe.

  6. Tan Jeffrey より:

    I like Germany so much that i had visited twice already. I am going again.

  7. Tan Jeffrey より:

    EU recognised our Singapore MOH Vaccination Certificate, for your infor.

  8. Merlin Jaeger より:

    Willkommen in Deutschland! I’m a little envious cause here in Bavaria all Christmas markets got closed down :/ nice to see you enjoying your time! Stay safe! 😀

  9. ree ree より:

    3:32 looks exactly like Chinatown in sg

  10. 外人のFred より:

    Can’t believe I could have met you randomly in the streets today if only I would have left my doorstep lol If you need to spend another night in Freiburg, I work in a hotel there I can give you special discount haha

  11. Rin Rin より:

    Beautiful sharing, though i miss this live- streaming. Do take care and stay safe. Thank you for sharing (peek in to click LIKE)

  12. Rin Rin より:

    Enjoy the beersss and sausages (different types too). Brezel, crispy pork knuckle!!!!!!

  13. simply good より:

    Hi any plan to visit Berteschgarten in Bavaria? If u do, consider a trip to the Eagle’s nest ok? Have a safe journey. Bernard

  14. Rin Rin より:

    Lindt – they served hot chocolate drink in some store, you can experience/enjoy it in cold weather.

  15. 熊野みち より:



  16. IZ The One より:

    4pm getting dark already, not enough sunlight. Singapore has too much sunlight lol!

  17. MrJohn より:

    I love your vlogs. It really makes me feel like I am there too. Enjoy your trip and stay warm Ojisan.

  18. Arnold Yamamoto より:

    United Kingdom, France, Germany and I believe that the last one will be Italy.

  19. Elaine Ding より:

    Enjoying traveling Europe with you! Keep up the good work, and enjoy your holidays!

  20. Lee WN より:

    Nice street scape. What is the name of this town in Germany? How to reach there from France?

  21. WT Wong より:

    Hi Ojisan, wonder why you don’t show much food in your trip?

  22. Autumn Lavender より:

    U r really hardworking. Uploading 2 channel almost everyday 。enjoy your holiday. Germany have super nice red wine, tiramisu, beer and pork knuckle .. most try!

  23. Aziza Talib より:

    hi ,the id need to show is the IC or just show the passport?

  24. Seok Guek Eng より:

    Cold wind. Too cold. What are you running away from at one instance?

  25. Seok Guek Eng より:

    No casual wear everyone wear jacket. Too cold want hot. Too hot want cold. That is why you said you miss Singapore.

  26. Seok Guek Eng より:

    No cheap street food no people. Too dark too gloomy walking

  27. Barbra Eu より:

    Brought back memories,been there a couple of times when I was living in Switzerland. Thanks, take care.

  28. Seok Guek Eng より:

    Wind sound strong. Able to see places you visited. Too dark and gloomy walking

  29. Seok Guek Eng より:

    Do not drink too much beer/wine

  30. linY より:

    u are touring europe for a month, u shd bring along a mini rice cooker

  31. 虎北 より:


  32. manu gee より:

    Ayoo….i hope you are going to Italy next???!!!

  33. Florence Chen より:

    They only started checking ID as well about 1 week plus/2 weeks ago.

  34. Tan Kah Wah より:

    Thank you Ghib for showing us the Christmassy sight of winter Germany…and it is indeed very interesting and enjoyable… Keep up the good work !