Outlast 2 Iceberg Explained – Mysteries & Theories – Part 2 – Using Actionz & Michael Strawn

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Outlast 2 has always had mysterious origins. From real world mysteries, like Australia, too in-game paradoxes. I guess that’s why I’ve always had a fascination with it, and because of that fascination I welcome you to The Outlast 2 Iceberg Explained! This video took 2 straight months of researching! I sincerely hope you enjoy every last minute of it. (:

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    Outlast 2 Iceberg Explained Part 1:

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    This was so much fun to create and work with you Michael! I hope we can do some more collabs in the future! Amazing video as always, keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see what you have instore for all of us next!

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    Great video! Been looking forward to a Outlast 2 Iceberg! You gained a Subscriber!

  10. Mertist L より:

    There is unused audio of val that says “papa loved me most” this could be the answer to knoth and val’s relationship. Also a question why do you think the game is in late 2013’s i always thought its in late 2017’s or something

  11. ryu より:

    yes!! finally, i have been waiting for this!
    sometimes, feels like i am the only one who actually enjoyed Outlast 2. because i am so used to read bad things about it.
    also i hate how people compare Blake to other protagonists, calling him shit, weak, etc. you can’t compare 3 people with different personalities in the first place. they are all amazing.
    also, it is crazy how “Father” Loutermilch or whatever was his surname manipulated Blake into thinking that Jessica’s death was his fault. and poor Blake blamed himself for years because of this.
    when Lynn died and Blake started crying, i couldn’t help but cry along with him. you can hear how heartbroken he was, it is still hard to watch.
    really well done video, amazed how much time and work spent on this, was worth the wait. thank you for this!

  12. Sword Man より:

    I think Brus-F might be a Company that’s owned by Murkoff, thus that might be why we see the Murkoff logo flash on the camera during the hallucination footage.

  13. BOWSER K. より:

    Tbh the only thing that I can think that more implies that blake was “touched by the father” is that one phone call where Blake picks up the phone and the father says something about c0cksucker and a tongue comes out of the phone and shoves itself into Blake’s mouth, which was what made me personally think Blake was also victim to the father (tried to look this up too but I didn’t see anyone else mention it), although the scene was probably meant to imply something else like Blake being threatened to keep his mouth shut.

  14. Yolanda Hernández より:

    The mutilation of Blake is in the full game and I know it bc I died a lot of times by Martha xD
    Good video tho!!

  15. Cameron Fowler より:

    I don’t remember dragonflies appearing in the bible, but I do know that flies and locusts are mentioned, specially as plagues that befell Egypt in Exodus

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    Thank you Michael very cool

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  18. Matt Medrala より:

    Nice work trying to encapsulate all these factoids, including some new facts I’d never heard of in spite of this being my favorite entry in the series. I’ll respond to some points:

    Marta & Knoth: I recall there being at least one note from Knoth to Marta addressing her as ‘beloved’, ‘intimate’, and knowing her from childhood. I don’t know how old she actually is but I get the feeling she may have been groomed by him. That might also connect to why she has such unusual strength, as her role as Knoth’s ‘enforcer’ and ‘closeness’ to him might have granted her abilities to carry out his will.

    Beams of Light: I just thought they had an EMP effect lol. They do seem to mess with Blake’s camera in some way, with all that static from ‘recording’ anything during his hallucinations.

    Suicide: I think with the Jessica sub-plot and one conspiracy theory behind the Jonestown deaths (namely that some of the ‘suicides’ were in fact murders, or at least people made to drink poison at gunpoint), there might be a similar degree of doubt about why the TempleGate people kill themselves. The fact that some of them had already poisoned themselves before the Antichrist was born would imply a different motive – like perhaps they just couldn’t take the mental strain anymore – and the weird dialogue Knoth has about the child makes me think the ‘suicides’ may not have been of their own will. “I’ve taken care of my children, but yours, I am powerless against. The child’s too strong already. You’ve murdered paradise.” I seriously doubt Knoth’s inability is out of ‘morality’, as Blake definitely wasn’t in a position to fight back. And then there’s Blake’s response to Knoth’s death, seemingly addressed to the kid: “The priest dies. You didn’t have to do anything. You were a child, nobody could have expected anything of you.” Possibly it’s the ‘child’ forcing them to kill themselves?

    Murkoff Pilot: I don’t see why not. Maybe that explains why he was murdered immediately while Lynn was taken for ‘examination’. Who DID kill him?

    Marta’s death: I know some people call it an ‘act of god’, but considering how gods in this setting are man-made, I suspect the culprit may in fact be Miles-Walrider. Perhaps he had a sick sense of humor in choosing how to kill her.

    Blake’s molestation: I really suspect that the unskippable jumpscare experienced during a hallucination set in a dark hallway full of rattling lockers represents the moment Loutermilch ‘caught’ Blake, as Blake is limping afterwards. At the very least, I think Loutermilch continuing to harass Blake after that night in order to keep intimidating him into silence works, and it would further reinforce why his demon form is so visceral if Blake ‘remembers’ feeling those limbs on him. We don’t find out much about Blake’s parents, but if you record Nick and Laird’s corpses Blake makes a comment that strongly implies his parents had a dysfunctional relationship – so it wouldn’t be out of the question for them to have also not picked up on Blake’s trauma.

    Lynn: I think Knoth’s ‘examination’ of Lynn was very violating and probably had something to do with ‘impregnating’ her, as right before he did the examination he asks for god to ‘enter’ him and screams in pain as that wish is granted. I also think the heretics most definitely violated her too as part of the overall debasement ritual they intended for her and Blake – though I still don’t know exactly HOW Val’s rape of Blake was meant to fit into this. Maybe Val would’ve transferred her ‘power’ into Blake, then during that hallucination Blake and Lynn were forced upon each other??

    Jessica’s death: I think Loutermilch pushed her off the stairs, but while she was crippled, she wasn’t dead YET. What finally did her in was when Loutermilch hanged her by the end of the night. I believe this would explain the hallucination where Jessica is clearly struggling in the noose, and add another level of guilt to Blake if he personally witnessed her murder by hanging.

    Backwards Messages: I think they’re Loutermilch’s inner thoughts, the question is HOW and WHY they’re being recorded. Are we supposed to believe psychic powers are involved? Is Loutermilch (or someone like him) actually whispering subliminal messages through the radio towers?

    Loutermilch: I remember reading on the wiki that there was concept art of him with a TempleGate badge, perhaps further implying a direct connection. I think in terms of realism, he was ‘just’ one among many evil people who abuse their authority to hurt innocents and got away with it. However, there MIGHT be the possibility he had some sort of connection to Murkoff all along, as his last recording is titled “I have many friends” and I’m still trying to figure how his voice would be heard thru the backwards messages – perhaps Trials might actually mention him?

    Brus-F: I think you might have actually given away a strong hint at what’s going on with the hallucination recordings! This might be the company responsible for generating elaborate sound ‘recordings’ (or CREATING sounds), and somehow their tech is able to pick up ‘sounds’ that ordinary devices may not.

    Blood Rain: This was one of the hardest things in the game to ‘realistically’ explain, but what you suggest sounds pretty convincing. I actually thought it might have had a connection to the toxic runoff into TempleGate’s water supply, where in large concentrations the chemicals would render the water red. It may also symbolize that TempleGate’s ‘god’ is bleeding out…

    Walrider: I have a feeling that the ‘demon’ isn’t just unique to Blake, but it’s actually an entity that everyone in TempleGate sees and interprets in their own way. There are kids’ drawings showing a Walrider-like figure, Knoth and Val both speak to a ‘god’, we see ‘Loutermilch’ walk into the lake and then SOMETHING drags Blake into the water, and in the heretic mines we see ‘Loutermilch’ moving around in ‘reality’. I think this is a separate entity from Outlast 1’s creature, but functionally similar. The fact that god has gone ‘silent’ yet A Walrider clearly was present in order to destroy the radio tower would imply that TempleGate’s own ‘god’ was killed, and the ‘storm’ might have been a battle between Miles and this ‘god’.

    Black Site: I’m actually very surprised nobody has picked up on the “ME compatible forensic psych” tech mentioned to be at where Blake is to be delivered. To me that’s a subtle yet crucial hint that Blake’s fate isn’t ENTIRELY hopeless. Murkoff is going to plug him into a Morphogenic Engine, and I believe the results – a reborn Jessica – would make Billy Hope’s Walrider seem like an infant in comparison. Another thing to consider is that the ‘Blind Dreamers’ in Whistleblower were implied to be incredibly powerful Walrider candidates, and that with Blake’s eyes making him practically ‘blind but not unseeing’ (a “saint sybil”, even), he might in fact be a Blind Dreamer. The question to me is: will Blake be an antagonist in Outlast 3? Even though Miles is not on Murkoff’s side, his implied kidnapping of a girl in the comic and Blake possibly being a casualty of his war would throw him more into ‘anti-hero’ territory.

    I also wonder if ‘Elrich’ has any particular meaning.

    Great job altogether! I wonder what more ideas the Trials will bring us to ponder.

  19. asami朝美 より:

    Your video is very good, but you speak too fast and it’s hard for me (as a non-English speaker) to understand what you’re explaining because it seems that you don’t articulate. But again, you did a great job ! I’m looking forward to Outlast Trials and your theories 🙂

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    Hey man just came over after seeing using actionz’s vid. I have a theory in terms of the timeline that I think might be either proved wrong or somehow right once outlast trials is released.
    What if Murkoff did tests on Sullivan Knoth (seeing it through his perspective in the trailer for trials) and his journey to Temple Gate actually started at Mount Massive? It’s sort of dumb but its just a theory

  28. Wadia Abushanab より:

    I have just a quick question. When the radio wave towers were destroyed by the walrider, that was controlling a colony of ants, was miles the conscious of the walrider? If so, that means miles is alive? Or at least his conscience is alive through the walrider, just not his body?

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    Or he strangled her and threw her from the top of the stairs

  31. Donut Dog19 より:

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    A reason Lynn’s stomach could have been hurting is because knoth mentions something over a loud speaker like ” I have checked, and she is the host of the antichrist” so maybe him checking if she was pregnant caused her stomach pain

  51. Mike Oxhard より:

    A question I recently had is why did the scalled push Laird and Nick when Blake is escaping down the rope?

  52. OGM より:

    I don’t think Marta could kill Chris, he took bullets and a car, this bitch could just fold like a piece of paper if she sneezed

  53. Carson Orr より:

    22:21, that area you found below the well is actually an area you visit much later in the game. I am fairly certain the bodies are thrown down the well into the pit. This could mean that, upon seeing the corpses in the pit, Blake began hallucinating

  54. Habitable より:

    “The reason why Knoth wasn’t able to hear “God” anymore was because the Wallrider, possessing a large colony of ants, managed to destroy the radio tower”

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    Dragonflies may be locusts which is mentioned biblically

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    Christ walker never ripped of his eyelids he ripped of is nose and lips but that’s not for better vision he made a third eye on his forehead for better vision

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  63. T S より:

    The first one shouldn’t even be on here, since, as you pointed out, it’s *reversed audio!* No shit it sounds like he said the word.

  64. permeus より:

    14:50 I have never seen anyone bring this up but if you look out the helicopter you can see blackish shapes in the fog that look like wisps and considering what we saw at the end of the first game it’s not out of the question to think the could be swarms of nanites the same as the wallrider.

    There is definitely something outside in the fog but as we never see more of them this is just a guess.

  65. permeus より:

    34:49 another way to see this is the priest trying to force blame onto the PC by saying if you haven’t started to try and take her away from him she wouldn’t have died as in his (the priest) sick mind it was only after she started to like you that she rebeled and ran away from him, his type always blame others for the wrongs they do.

  66. Chocolate Gore より:

    Side note, I fing it interesting that Zeichner and Elrich are both German names. I’m pretty sure these facilities could be named after other paperclip nazis like Wernicke himself, and therefore tease upcoming characters

  67. Chocolate Gore より:

    Oh also, didn’t Knoth mention being in a shit ton of dept? I feel like we can all conclude to whom he owed a dept and why he suddenly started hearing the voice of god.
    This has been my theory for years, and basically just expands on the “how are II and Trials connected”-theory:
    Knoth owes either Murkoff or the government money. Dept is so ridiculously high that they decide to get even in a “different way”, so they scoped him out and targeted him with experimental MKUltra technology. To me it makes more sense that way instead of targeting a whole area at once, and then only picking out Knoth in particular for their continued experimentation. The community thing would’ve only came about once he actually managed to form a cult and settled in Arizona, though honestly, the mentioned theory is also perfectly plausible depending on what you deem more likely. I’m sticking to my “you owe us, so this is now payback” part of this though. That’s just a very Murkoff thing to do to someone

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